Street Address Query

There are three available entries.

These two will limit the addresses returned.

This one will limit the streets displayed.

A Street Name MUST BE selected to return addresses when using the Street Address Query.


Roll Number Query

The first and last part of the roll number are defaulted for you; the middle three parts need to be entered to return a valid property.

The address matching your query will be displayed to confirm this is the property you are searching for. If the address you want is not correct, please revise your query.


Address Results

The addresses matching your query will be displayed in groups of 10. If there are more than 10 returned, click the next page number link on the top or bottom of the Address grid. If the address you want is not in the list, please revise your query.

NOTE: To see the Legal Description for each property in the Address grid, simply click on the picture displayed to the right of the Street Address Query. This will toggle the Legal Descriptions on/off.